Wonder Walls

Nature-inspired walls are a major trend right now. We spoke to Fleur Harris, 35, designer of the much instagrammed Jimmy Cricket ‘Woodlands Wallpaper’. Fleur lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, Dave, and two-year-old son, Baillieux.

What inspired the Woodlands collection?
I had been working in-house as a designer for different brands for many years, but when I found out I was pregnant, I resigned from my position to focus on freelance work. I couldn’t have hacked waddling into an office and sitting at a desk all day as a very pregnant person. I ended up doing that anyway though, as my freelance work took off and I spent a lot of time in my studio. Being in my own space allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy and indulge in working on some artworks that had been in my imagination for a while. The ‘Woodlands’ was one of these. I pulled together many of my favourite things: wildflowers, wandering vines, curious creatures of different species, and tangled them up in this flowing, detailed composition.

Why do you think nature is trending in the interiors world right now?
The colour palette that’s trending is very muted; beautiful dusty pinks, greens, earthy neutrals, and the fabrications feel very organic and homespun. I think these elements together create a feeling that is very natural and raw, so themes of nature and wilderness gravitate towards them. It works beautifully. I adore the trends in children’s fashion and interiors at the moment – the best we have seen for a while. Nature is such a beautiful, timeless subject matter that I think these trends have longevity too.

Your work is all over Instagram – is that satisfying?
To see people fall in love with this artwork series and go to the trouble of installing it in their homes is all I could hope for. In addition, seeing the installations photographed so beautifully and so often, and shared on social media with such kind comments, is really incredible. We all have memories of our childhood bedrooms, and to know that this artwork will become a special memory for these children really is an honour.

Tell us about Baillieux’s room?
It is my current project. I’m installing the newest version of the ‘Woodlands’ artwork for him, the one with the hedgehog, racoon and baby fox. He loves animals so he is going to lose his mind having them around him in his room.