WIN: A Mountain Buggy Duet

Forget sleep schedules, spelling tests and impeccable manners, getting the buggy purchase right first time is the ultimate parenting win. We all know someone with a garage littered with Goldielocks and the Three Bears-style pushchair fails: too big, too small, too heavy, too difficult to collapse without a three-man team and an instruction manual.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you plump for Mountain Buggy’s duet, a compact side-by-side buggy that grows with your family.

The duet works from the off as a single with the joey clip-on tote for storage before seamlessly transitioning to a side-by-side buggy (with the family pack accessory) should a sibling arrive on the scene.

Obviously it’s spot on for twins, too. The narrow wheelbase width (just 63cm/25inches) means the duet manoeuvres easily through doorways, onto buses and around the rails at & Other Stories.

A hand-operated control brake for slowing down makes light of heavy toddlers, steep slopes and jogging sessions in the park. And the all important collapse mechanism? A compact one-hand stand fold with automatic lock means you can ditch the manual and dismiss that three-man team.

If all that sounds like the answer to your pushchair prayers, we’ve got a Mountain Buggy duet to give away.

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The closing date for the competition is 1 December 2017.

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