The Party Guide

Hosting a children’s party is no picnic, which is why we’ve created the Smallish Ultimate Party Guide  for the very best mini celebrations 


The Ultimate Party People: Sharkey & George

Water BombRedefining children’s parties, Sharky & George bring fun, mayhem, character and cool to an event. Founded by two school friends (it all began when their housemaster made them provide the entertainment for his daughter’s party), their USP is eschewing traditional entertainers in favour of big brother types, who join in with the kids. “We’re not performers, no-one has to sit still and watch – it’s all about interaction with a dose of mischief,” says co-founder George Whitefield. The duo now have a team of musicians, actors, tree surgeons, scriptwriters and directors, whose aim is to make sure everyone is engaged and active. “I never liked how traditional games, such as musical chairs, left people out, so we ensure every child is included,” says George. From catapulting water bombs to tug of war, it is all fun and games.


The Ultimate Party Planners: Les Enfants

_MG_9827rpFrom big budget celebrations to small bespoke gatherings, Les Enfants party planners pride themselves on delivering the personal touch. “I spend a lot of time researching the market, improving what’s on offer and coming up with new ideas,” says founder Katie Burnett, mother of three. With a stellar background in events, Katie is at her happiest creating a theme. “For a recent Frozen party, we re-carpeted the ballroom of the Lanesborough in white, dressed the face-painters as villagers, had a sweetie table and designed melamine plates, plus diamanté napkin ties and an ice sculpture of Olaf!” Katie made that little girl’s birthday dreams a reality. But she’s adamant party memories are about the details rather than the budget, such as giving the child a memory box with everything that encapsulates their day.

The Ultimate Decorating Kit: A Little Party Box

philippajamesphotography-1169If you want to create a stylishly curated party scene for your child, then A Little Party Box is your dream come true. Covering every theme from pirates to superheroes to unicorns, founders Camille, Mathieu and Sascha combine international brands,
such as Meri Meri, Flatout Frankie and Talking Tables, with their in-house-designed table centrepieces, laser cut by hand. Camille, mother to Valentine and Balthazar, both keen testers of her ideas, started the business out of her own needs. “When Valentine was growing up, I couldn’t find nice things. Just because it’s a children’s party, doesn’t mean it has to be cheap – it can be elegant.” With eye-catching tableware, humorous bunting and handmade elements, the boxes provide finishing touches that parents will love as much as their children.


The Ultimate Cake Maker: Hercule’s Cakehouse

IMG_5913The queen of cake makers, a cake by Mellissa Scamporlino is a creation so stunning, you won’t want to cut it, let alone eat it. Luckily, Mellissa insists she gets as much pleasure watching people enjoy eating it as she does them looking at it. “I work as hard on the inside as the outside, so it’s important it gets eaten!” she laughs. “I use good quality British ingredients sourced with care and attention.” Entirely self-taught, Mellissa’s cakes are all bespoke and can take up to 30 hours to make. “I don’t like to repeat designs, I like each cake to be a ‘first time’, just for you.” Working collaboratively with her clients to incorporate hobbies, visuals and the event’s theme, Mellissa has a knack of reinterpreting traditional ideas and creating something original and breathtaking, that also tastes sensational.

The Ultimate Extras: My Little Day

ballon-cactus-CMJN-detDescribing themselves as “the busy mum’s secret weapon”, My Little Day is the ultimate edit of all things party. From cool graphic invitations to retro candy-stripe cupcake cases, colour-pop lanterns to chic paper plates, Paris-based founders and mothers of two Gabriella Toscan and Dorothée Monestier have scoured the world’s suppliers to provide a range of purse-friendly products for your little one’s big day. With their trademark pared-down, affordable, fashion-led designs, these women value aesthetics so parents can join in the fun without compromising on beauty. With everything they design made in France, Gabriella and Dorothée have created jobs in their home country too. Tapping into American suppliers for seasonal products, such as Halloween, My Little Day’s range is hard to beat.

The Ultimate Balloons: The London Balloon Lady

londonballoonlady_01©ianboddyFrom the simplest bunch of birthday balloons to extreme creations, Jane Godsal is the London Balloon Lady and there’s nothing she can’t do with these floating bubbles. “For a Frozen party, we had cascades of balloons coming down the bannisters and snowflakes suspended from chairs,” she says. “For an underwater party, I used clear balloons hanging from the ceiling to create a ‘bubble ceiling’ along with balloon columns in blues and greens to represent seaweed. Balloons add magic!” Starting out 21 years ago, Jane has always loved balloons: “Where you wouldn’t have flowers, balloons are great space fillers with visual impact and you can dress them up with confetti inside or paper tassels. From age one to 90, hand a person a balloon and they will smile.”


The Ultimate Entertainer: Mr Marvel

mr marvel 2For old-school birthday party entertainment, you can’t beat a magic show with a real rabbit! Mr Marvel began in 1987, performing shows for friends and family around North London, but now he has a team of Mr Marvels and Marvellas to cope with the demand of this nostalgic, classic offering. With a Punch and Judy show, disco with lights, snow and bubble machine, Mr Marvel is adept at keeping little ones transfixed throughout, enabling parents to relax and enjoy the party as much as the kids.



The Lazy Mum’s Party Solution

Want the wow factor without the time factor? Look no further…

Direct Me
Their award-winning film crews shoot your movie at a venue of your choice with the birthday child and their guests as the stars. If it’s good enough for Richard Curtis’ son…

Tokyo Calling
Takayo offers kimono parties at your home, where the children can try on a yukata, have fun with accessories and learn about Japan while they decorate fans to take home.

Premiere Party
Fully catered with snacks and popcorn and with over 200 new and classic films to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the luxe cinema at the Bulgari Hotel.


Complied by Georgie Blaksey

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