Take a Whisk

Words by: Fiona Cowood

Home-delivery recipe kits make it easier than ever to get kids cooking. Fiona Cowood (and a little helper) try them out.

Cooking with the kids. Sounds like good, wholesome fun, right? Jamie Oliver believes cooking is “one of the most valuable skills you can teach a child, alongside reading and writing” – so perhaps it’s something we should all be doing more of. But is it just me who finds this rainy-day activity often descends into spilt flour (theirs) and frustration (mine)? Enter Little Cook Box – a new range of home-delivery meal kits promising to get kids cooking and eating healthy food.

My daughter, Daphne, five, was instantly intrigued when the Little Cook Box arrived on our doorstep and, surveying the contents, decided she wanted to make the Mighty Mini Burgers first. Everything was included except the egg, and Daphne loved getting her fingers into the gooey minced beef. They didn’t quite hold their shape in the oven, but they were delicious, and Daphne pronounced the brioche buns “the most best thing I’ve ever eaten”.

With enough in each kit to feed two hungry kids, Daphne kept her and sister Olive, three, fed for two days as we worked our way through recipes for chicken goujons, calzone and haddock au gratin. All were wolfed down except for the haddock, which unfortunately ended up on the kitchen floor thanks to small hands and big oven gloves. Such a shame as it smelt wonderful.

For a stress-free cooking experience, I’d definitely give these kits another go and it’s great that they come with interesting side dishes. My only gripe is the packaging. I’d feel better about re-ordering if there was less plastic involved.

Smallest kit includes four meals, priced £19.80, free delivery. littlecookbox.com

Little Baker’s Box
This service delivers a recipe card and ingredients every month. We made chocolate brownies from sweet potatoes (a first!) that went down a treat, but check which extra ingredients you need beforehand.
From £10, littlebakersbox.com

Little Cooks Co.
Boxes land monthly and contain everything you need for a healthy, delicious snack. Daphne loved making (and devouring) the Easter flapjacks.
From £7.99, littlecooksco.co.uk

Zac & Lily
These baking kits come with gorgeous, personalised packaging. We tried the Rainy Day Baking Kit – it is a total boredom buster for a day when you’re trapped indoors.
£7, zacandlily.co.uk