Mother Loves | Princess Marie-Chantal

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece founded her eponymous brand in 2001. She has five children and lives in New York.

With five children, royal duties and a global brand, how do you switch off?
I prioritise and pace myself. I have two children at university, Olympia, 21, and Konstantinos, 19, and three – Achileas, 17, Odysseas, 13, and Aristidis, nine – still at home, so it’s all go-go-go. Spinning at Soul Cycle is when I really switch off.

Describe a perfect Sunday…
Feet up, binge-watching a new series. Oh, and a walk in the park with our three dogs and the two youngest kids.

Is creativity important to you?
I grew up in retail and always loved the visual merchandising aspect. I guess it’s in my blood. If I’m not designing or thinking up some new creative idea, then I’m painting or sketching in my sketchbooks.

Has motherhood felt different each time?
I believe every child is born with their own temperament and you have to be attentive to their emotions. I loved being pregnant. My pregnancies were pretty much the same except for with Olympia when I gained 45lb.

Has motherhood influenced your business?
Yes. I pay more attention to the right fit and feel, and how it would look on a six-month-old or a three-year old. I have so many wonderful memories of the children growing up, I design with them in mind.

You celebrated 20 years of marriage to to Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, in 2015. What is it like to become a princess?
I never went into it with the idea I had to be different or change myself. I guess my parents brought me up with a healthy sense of values and self-esteem. I look back at some of the early pictures when I first stepped into public life and think I did ok.

What do you hope to pass on to your children?
A healthy set of values, to give back and to make a contribution to humanity.

How has your childhood influenced you?
I loved my childhood. It was Hong Kong in a different time – so carefree. Childhood should be a treasured time. I was exposed to many cultures at a young age. We’ve always travelled as a family as our parents live abroad. It teaches you to have friends in many ports.

What are your most treasured possessions?
A treasured old book called Little Black, A Pony by Walter Farley. I’ve read it to all of my kids, it’s so sweet.

Describe the perfect page boy and flower girl outfits for a wedding this spring.
We designed the most gorgeous outfits for the wedding of Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Ekaterina Malysheva last year. In every collection we have silk dresses and formal suits – perfect for flower girls and page boys.