Parenting in 100 Objects

Some people think sunscreen is something you chuck into your trolley on the way round Tesco. Pippa is not some people. Pippa abhors supermarkets. Pippa can make a meal out of half a locally grown cauliflower and some leftover quinoa. The moment Pippa breathed little River into the world surrounded by love and rainbows and gently burning palo santo, she swore she would never allow anything but the tears of grass-fed unicorns to touch his precious epidermis. Because they don’t stop sunburn, she’s had to make an exception for Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion in SPF30. She opts for the lavender version because the scent really chills River out after a morning playing with sticks at Steiner school. Sometimes she wonders if home-schooling would be more in-keeping with her parenting philosophy but it really is handy to have a few hours free in the morning for womb yoga.