Parenting in 100 Objects

Claire isn’t a pushy parent, but it’s Otto’s first day in Reception so she needs a quick word with the teacher to make her aware that he already knows how to read. He’s pretty much done with the whole EYFS curriculum, but she won’t mention that just yet. She’s not that kind of mother. Otto simply adores learning. The times table posters next to his bed? He finds them soothing. The Kumon maths workbooks in the kitchen? Honestly, they’re his Paw Patrol. And do you seriously believe all these other kids haven’t started violin lessons yet? Their parents are totally coaching them on the sly. School French lessons don’t start until Year 2, but Claire’s bought these beautiful Lil’ollo flashcards to make sure he’s well ahead of the crowd. Sorry, she didn’t mean to say that out loud. Otto can’t help being a natural linguist. Otto would love your child to come round for tea as long as he can sit quietly until tai chi practice is over. She’s not sure what went wrong at teatime, either. Don’t all four-year-olds like asparagus? And, of course, she wasn’t rifling through your child’s book bag to suss out his reading level…who do you think she is? She’s not a pushy parent.