Mindful Drinking Festival

Pregnant, driving or simply keeping those units in check, we’ve all been there when it comes to below par booze-free beverages. Sugary juices, a token 0% beer, death by elderflower cordial – mindful drinking might be catching on as a concept but many bars, restaurants and friends’ drinks’ cabinets have been decidedly slow on the uptake.

Step up London’s first Mindful Drinking Festival , a free family-friendly tasting event produced by mindful drinking movement Club Soda. It’s set to take over the Bermondsey Square Hotel on Sunday 13 August with music, street food, kids’ entertainment, pop-up bars and not a watery blackcurrant squash in sight.

Instead you’ll find hangover-free Heineken 0.0, Real Kombucha fermented tea, 0% pale ales and stouts from Big Drop Brewing Co, Eisberg alcohol-free wine and fizz, botanical blends with serious kick and a slew of unusual craft sodas. Best of all, you can indulge as much as you like without wanting to fake your own death so you don’t have to deal with the kids on Monday morning.

We’ll be making a beeline for the food pairing sessions, advance planning our drinks line-up for Dry January and feeling smug for the rest of the week. Get your free tickets heremindfuldrinkingfestival.com