Meet the Judges | Natalie Lee

Drum roll, please. The Smallish Design Awards 2018 are back. We quiz #SDA18 judge Natalie Lee on cuddles, her secret talent for pool, and what she’ll be looking for in an award-winning brand.

ALL ABOUT YOU: Natalie Lee – influencer
LIVES: East London
CHILDREN: Alexa, eight, and Autumn, five

How do you start the day?
Very slowly; I put on my snooze button about a million times. Usually the girls sneak into my bed early, and we don’t want to get out and stop cuddling/dozing.

What was your favourite childhood toy?
I don’t have strong emotional attachments to objects and I prefer it that way, so I don’t really remember!

What childhood keepsakes can’t you bear to part with?
I have kept my babies’ first shoes and first clothes, and photos – I couldn’t stop taking them of the kids when they were babies.

Favourite family travel destination?
We have just come back from Costa Rica and it was our favourite holiday to date.

Your children have friends over for tea… what’s on the menu?
Something super-easy as kids are picky – fish fingers, homemade chips and sweetcorn.

The best gift you received as a new mother?
A homemade lasagne.

Who are your parenting inspirations?
My husband’s cousin has three girls, and she is an amazing mother and teacher. Also, our friends who home-school their four girls and travel around the world.

What’s the best thing about being a parent?
The cuddles.

What do you wish you could tell all first-time expectant mothers?
Trust your instincts. Hunker down and really be in the moment. Forget all your other roles and focus on the most important one for a few weeks.

Tell us a secret about you
I’m a killer pool player and Ronnie O’Sullivan is my hero.

What are you looking for in a Smallish Design Awards product/brand?
A brand that thinks outside the box and offers up something cool, new and unique.

Thanks to the extended deadline, there’s still time to enter the Smallish Design Awards 2018! Click here to enter one of our 52 categories – the winners will be announced at a glittering ceremony in London later this year. Good Luck!