Meet the Judges | Carolyn Asome

Drum roll, please. The Smallish Design Awards 2018 are back. We quiz #SDA18 judge Carolyn Asome on favourite toys, parenting hacks, and what she’ll be looking for in an award-winning brand.

ALL ABOUT YOU: Carolyn Asome – fashion and interiors writer, and brand consultant
LIVES: London
CHILDREN: Decca, nine, Ilse, five, and Udo, one

How do you start the day?
I wake up at around 6am, and get ahead with an hour of work or I work out on the common at the end of my road.

What was your favourite childhood toy?
My Mr Frosty.

What childhood keepsakes can’t you bear to part with?
The cards my children made at school and the letters my husband wrote on their behalf.

Favourite family travel destination?
France, but I’m hoping for somewhere more far-flung once they’re older.

Your children have friends over for tea… what’s on the menu?
My Conran ragú with a vat of wine in it. Obviously it gets burnt off.

The best gift you received as a new mother?
Anything by Caramel, who do exquisite clothes.

Who are your parenting inspirations?
Anyone who has worked out how to remain happily married.

What’s the best thing about being a parent?
The capacity to love so deeply is up there. Also there is an inevitability to the chaos of family life so I have learned not to get stressed by anything.

What do you wish you could tell all first-time expectant mothers?
Put yourself first; therein lies a happier, calmer household.

Tell us a secret about you
My house is a tip and I don’t care. You can’t have it all when you’re working and have three kids. I’m proud of learning to let go.

What are you looking for in a Smallish Design Awards product/brand?
Exquisite design and innovation.

Thanks to the extended deadline, there’s still time to enter the Smallish Design Awards 2018! Click here to enter one of our 52 categories – the winners will be announced at a glittering ceremony in London later this year. Good Luck!