It’s Cool to Be Kind

No doubt about it, modern life is busy. In between the nursery runs, homework sessions, work, school, endless laundry and trying not to sweat the small stuff, it’s easy to forget that sometimes it’s the small stuff that makes all the difference. World Kindness Day (13 November) kicks off Anti-Bullying Week (13-17 November) today, making right now a great time to stop, think and put kindness at the top of all of our to do lists.

When was the last time you picked up the phone and called a friend just to see how they are? Have you made the effort to talk to the new parent in the school playground yet? Do you rush from commute to office head down in emails or take the time to smile and say good morning to whoever passes you by?

Kindness is a no brainer. It costs nothing and always makes a difference. So now’s the time to up the ante, lead by example and send your own little kindness warriors out into the world to make things better wherever they can.

If you’re stuck for inspiration we’ve come up with a starter list of great ways for children to spread a little happiness at school, at home, out and about and in the world at large. Check them out below.

Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

At School

Smile at everyone
Ask someone if they want to join in your game at break
Pay someone a compliment
Say thank you to your teacher
Donate old toys and dressing up clothes to Reception class/Pre-School

At Home
Say something positive about each member of your family
Put a nice note on your sibling’s pillow
Do a chore without being asked
Share books and toys with your sibling
Ask your sibling if they want to join in when you have a friend over to play

Out & About
Open doors for people
Say good morning/afternoon to people you pass on the street
Pick up litter and put it in the bin
Tell a joke to the person on the checkout at the supermarket
Leave a happy note for someone to find

Change the World
Donate to a food bank
Volunteer for a local conservation group
Put a pound in a charity tin or in the hat of your favourite busker
Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth
Leave food out for the birds

Be Kind to Yourself
Write a list of five things that make you happy
Eat your five a day
Walk to school
Dance to your favourite song
Turn off screens and spend ten minutes reading or drawing

Image: Kindness Can Conquer sweatshirt from Birdies & Bearcubs