Girl Power


Exam stress, peer pressure and selfie culture… it’s little wonder that there’s a growing crisis in girls’ mental health in the UK. A recent report by the Department for Education showed that one in three teen girls (the study surveyed 30,000 pupils aged 14-15) suffers from anxiety or depression, a ten per cent rise over the last ten years. How’s that for a sobering statistic? And if you’re reading this thinking your daughter is barely out of nappies so you can save worrying about this stuff for later down the line, think again.

Psychologist and parenting expert Steve Biddulph (author of best-sellers Raising Girls and Raising Boys) is clear that if you want your girl to grow up strong and free (as per the title of his newest tome) you need to start early to bolster her security, sense of self and happiness.

In 10 Things Girls Need Most Biddulph provides a guided journey of interactive exercises, conversations, reflections and questionnaires (be prepared to analyse your own childhood experiences in these as well as your daughter’s) aimed at building up parental capacities for every stage of girlhood.

The book covers everything from babyhood to adolescence, education to emotional well-being and social skills to sexuality, all culminating in the ten things that matter most if we want our girls to have happy lives.

It’s definitely not a skim read situation (the questionnaires are most enlightening) so get your hands on a copy and join the battle to set the next generation of girls free.

10 Things Girls Need Most

  • To be loved and cared for
  • To be encouraged to be wild and free
  • To be close to others
  • To be cherished by a father or father figure
  • To find a special interest or passion
  • To have wise women who help her become an adult
  • To have a happy and powerful sexuality
  • To learn to be strong
  • To be part of the collective effort to set all women free
  • To combine all of the above into the heart of life as a human being leaving her connected, joyful and able to experience her true potential.

10 Things Girls Need Most is out now.