Father’s Day

Homemade cards, overpriced beauty products, a hot cup of tea and a few minutes silence? Mother’s Day is a breeze on the tokens of appreciation front but what about the dads? If you’ve left Father’s Day plans to the last minute again, fear not… we rounded up all the dads we know and asked them what they most want to wake up to this Sunday. The good news: no shopping required.

Yep, it’s all dads want, too. An hour’s lie in, followed by a cup of tea in bed (ideally with no one bouncing on said bed) came out top of the list of desires in our survey.

Quality time
Spending time with the small humans who bestowed fatherhood upon them was right up there, too. An afternoon in the park or garden, mega Lego session or cosy family film evening on the sofa should do the trick. Several mentioned they’d love it if their kids would be nice to them and/or listen to them for the day, so if you can swing that miracle it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Food & beer
The cornerstones of civilisation. A family lunch in a country pub with weekend papers is the ultimate in dad-pleasing time out. Great food and a couple of pints in a sunny beer garden (choose one with a playground so everyone’s happy) and all is well with the world.

Up your game with a proper family adventure this weekend. Camp in the back garden, head off into the wild, fly kites, go biking through a forest, row a boat, climb a hill, make a den, find a climbing wall or swing from the trees at your nearest Go Ape. If it’s outdoors and active you’re on to a winner.

For the ultimate in Father’s Day indulgence combine one of the above with a couple of hours of restorative child-free relaxation. Take the smalls out for a while and so the man of the house can take charge of the remote, watch the rugby or sit in silence staring into the middle distance.

Gifts & cards
Interestingly none of the dads we talked to mentioned either. Whether that’s because materialism is dead or because we’re all so good they haven’t even considered the possibility there might not be a glitter-covered paper offering on Sunday morning we’re not entirely sure. So we’re ditching the present but keeping the ‘I love Daddy’ masterworks until further notice.