Parenting in 100 Objects

Don’t worry if you can’t imagine Coco with a baby, she couldn’t imagine it either at first. She’s still in her vintage Levis at 22 weeks and her Box-Train instructor at Frame reckons she can keep going until she pops. In fact, none of the guys at Warped Ninja Jam Recordings even knew she was pregnant until she outed herself by saying no to a third Jack Daniel’s at the NME Awards. Coco’s baby won’t have to waste time turning a middle-of-the-road moniker into something cool because she’s already decided on Fox. And no, she doesn’t need an alternative in case it’s a girl – she’ll be starting as she means to go on with the genderneutral parenting. Her boyfriend, Gray, has gone part-time at the garage workshop so they can take turns cycling Fox over to Hackney City Farm for beekeeping classes. It was Gray who turned her on to Tiba + Marl’s rad changing bags. She’s ordered the Miller Bag in Tropical Leaf, £115, with the matching Etta Clutch, £35. and