Earth Day

If you think it’s important to protect the planet for the next generation, then why not join the one billion people across the globe celebrating Earth Day this Saturday (22 April)? The theme for this year’s event is environmental and climate literacy and there are events being held across the UK and beyond to mark the occasion.

Even if you can’t get to an official event, there are plenty of ways to get involved and send positive messages to your children that looking after the environment matters. Scroll on for our favourite eco-friendly ideas for the weekend.

  • Ditch the car – Spend a day (or the whole weekend) using public transport, walking and cycling.
  • Quit plastic – Recycle the stash of Sainsbury’s bags under the sink, buy yourself some eco-friendly totes and COMMIT to using them.
  • Go wild – Take the kids to the woods, the beach, the park or just dig around in the back garden.
  • Plant something – A tree would be amazing but if that’s too much of a stretch go for a window box of flowers or an old eggshell of cress (comedy felt-tip face compulsory).
  • Buy local – Forgo the Ocado order in favour of a trip to the farmers’ market.
  • Buy nothing – Better still buy nothing for a whole day.
  • Eat less meat – Whether you do this for one day, a week or the rest of your life… it makes a difference.
  • Give something back – Choose a wildlife or environment based charity to support, here or abroad.
  • Read all about it – Check out our feature on sustainable family life in this month’s Smallish, available online here. Encourage your children to read about and research the environment and endangered animals. Tinybop has some brilliant apps for little ones that teach them about plants, the planet and weather.
  • Recycle – Get the kids involved with recycling and explain to them why it matters.
  • Volunteer – sign up for an eco community event in your area.
  • Lights Out – Eat dinner by candlelight, turn off the TV and play games instead.

Happy Earth Day!