Dry January & Beyond

Taking a break from the booze this month? Wondering how you’ll make it through the weekend? You’re not alone. Around three million of us have pledged to stay dry in January 2018 and whether you’re in it for the temporary health/bank balance benefits or hoping it might be the catalyst you need to quit the drink for good, we all need a bit booze-free inspo to help us power through to 1 February.

We’ve scoured the internet for inspiring stories, the supermarket shelves for the best alcohol-free drinks and re-read all our old features on Sober October, cutting down and the perils of Mother’s Ruin. We – and you – have got this.


Think positive
The benefits of a month or longer off the booze are endless. Run through this list every time you’re tempted to pack it in.
Better health, a break for your liver, better sleep, more energy, better skin, more time to do things you love, clear thinking, money saved, money raised (if you’re doing it for charity), weight loss, no hangovers, improved mental health, a chance to reassess your relationship with alcohol, clarity, balance, sense of achievement and more space in the fridge.

Stock up with great tasting alternatives
Fill those empty fridge shelves with some of these booze free options and resist the urge to stray.
If you love a gin and tonic try Seedlip Garden.
If you like a cold beer try Heineken 0.0.
If you prefer a hoppy ale check out Brewdog’s Nanny State.
If you fancy some fizz try Eisberg Sparkling Blanc.
If you want a soft drink with spice try Pimento Ginger Beer.
If you need a botanical boost try Shrb Lime & Juniper.
If you’re on a health kick try Real Kombucha Dry Dragon.
If you’re just plain exhausted go for a Pukka Night Time Tea.

Read all about it
There’s plenty of inspo out there for people wanting to embrace sobriety now and beyond Dry January. Check out mindful drinking movement Club Soda, alcohol-free challenge site One Year No Beer and inspiring sobriety blogs like Girl & Tonic and Hip Sobriety. The beginning of this year also saw a slew of new books on the benefits of sober living. Check out Catherine Gray’s The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, Rosamund Dean’s Mindful Drinking or Clare Pooley’s brilliant The Sober Diaries.

Do something different
You can’t spend a whole month ticking the days off on the sofa. Well, you can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Even if you don’t think you can face your usual bar/pub haunts make the effort to go out and do something. Head to the cinema, meet friends for coffee, go shopping with all the cash you’ve saved, try a night class, go to an art gallery, hit up an evening yoga class or get down the gym. Anything that shows you that life is still fun without a glass in your hand is definitely something worth doing.

Reward yourself
You’ve made it to Day 11 (or more) if you’re reading this and that’s something to celebrate. Run a hot bath, lie in bed with a book, cook something delicious, paint your nails, read trashy magazines, watch re-runs of Dawson’s Creek… do whatever makes you happy because you’ve earned it.

Seek support
If you’re finding it particularly tough or feel worried that your drinking is a bigger problem than you can handle on your own, don’t be afraid to seek help. Advice, information and online support can be found below.